Everything you can expect from the best-quality body scrub is closed in a box with Drama Queen coarse sugar scrub. The scrub will gently but effectively cleanse your skin and leave it moisturized and toned, as well as extremely smooth and pleasant to the touch. Provide yourself with a bit of luxury during your daily care, reach for Drama Queen and surround yourself with the sensual, feminine scent of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley with peach, raspberry and pear!

Main active ingredients:
– shea butter
– cocoa butter
– coconut oil
– almond oil
– macadamia oil

Fragrance notes
sandalwood, musk, vanilla, lily of the valley with peach, raspberry, pear,
coarse-grained sugar scrub; spreads easily over the skin

● cleanses, moisturizes and firms;
● supples the skin;
● makes the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch;
● gently but effectively exfoliates dead skin cells;
● supports the absorption of other products, such as body lotion;
● fragrance stays on the skin for a long time;
● improves the appearance of the skin and reduces cellulite when used regularly.


300g, 500g


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Indigo Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Scrub your hands, feet and body to the ultimate moisturised smoothness.


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