Introducing our Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein – a delicious and high-quality option for anyone looking to fuel their body with the best.

  • 20g of clean, Complete Protein per Serving
  • Complete Digestive Enzyme Complex
  • Clean Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar
  • Hormone Free & Antibiotic Free
  • No Artificial Colourants or Additives

Our whey protein is packed with the perfect combination of taste, texture, and nutritional benefits.

If you’re looking for a delicious, high-quality, and effective protein supplement, look no further than our Grass-Fed Whey Protein. It’s the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle, and a great way to support your fitness goals.

    • Taste & Texture

What sets our whey protein supplement apart is its incredible taste profile and texture. We’ve added GoFat MCTs and natural flavourings to enhance the taste and texture of the protein, creating a smooth and creamy shake that you’ll look forward to drinking every time.

Whether you’re using it in a smoothie, mixing it with water, or adding it to your oatmeal, our whey protein supplement will quickly become a favourite part of your day.

    • Superior Digestion

In addition to its delicious taste, our whey protein supplement is also packed with a powerful digestive enzyme complex.

This complex is designed to support optimal absorption and digestion of the protein, ensuring that your body is able to fully utilize all of the nutrients packed into each serving.

    • Natural & Premium Ingredients

Our whey protein supplement is made with only the highest quality ingredients, including grass-fed whey protein from hormone-free cows. This means you can feel confident that you’re fueling your body with a clean, healthy source of protein.

In addition to this, we only use natural ingredients in our products, this means no artificial flavourants, colourants or additves.


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PrimeSelf Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Premium Protein Supplement


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