Inflammation Complex promotes normal inflammation levels, healthy mobility, and improved muscle and joint recovery. Stop dealing with the aches & pains and get back to enjoying all the things that make your life exciting.

Having a healthy inflammatory response is vital for healthy joint and muscle recovery ensuring your body has a good range of motion and mobility to carry through exercise, sport and day-to-day living.

Body aches are common. They can result from tiredness or exercise but can also be a symptom of an underlying condition. Dealing with recurring aches and pains due to chronic illnesses, intense workouts, or simple ageing can be tough. Now you can move free & easy with the right mix of natural ingredients that support your joints from the inside.

Inflammation Complex Supports:

  • Healthy Inflammation Response
  • Increased Joint Health
  • Improved Muscle and Joint Recovery
  • Improved Mobility


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PrimeSelf Inflammation Complex

Reduce and Prevent Inflammation


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